Dominion Christian School

Dominion Christian School

  Phone: (+1) 703-758-1055   Address: 1545 Dranesville Road Herndon,VA - 20170, United States

Our mission is to kindle the love of learning in our children so that they desire and achieve a thorough knowledge of God and His creation in all its forms. Our vision is that our children would be classically educated servants of God with a biblical worldview, which enables them to succeed at any calling in life.

Dominion Christian School seeks to cultivate thoughtful Christians who are well-prepared to take their seat at the world’s intellectual table. A Dominion student is one who readily engages and impacts the culture for Christ.

The school serves students in grades K-12 by offering a challenging, college-preparatory education. The program emphasizes a Biblical worldview and the shaping of affections, proven classical teaching methods, and rigorous study of classical elements, like ancient history and Latin. Yet we also embrace valuable modern methodologies, such as AP® math courses and advanced sciences.

Believing that truly “Christ-centered” education acknowledges God as the author and sustainer of creation, we affirm that the study of the world reflects the One who made it. So, Dominion’s graduates are not only articulate, well-rounded, and deeply thoughtful, but we hope they will also be deeply passionate about Christ, His Kingdom, and serving His people.

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