3 Tips for Improving Your Website Lead Generation

Sep 14, 2022  -  Gazz Digital  -  Uncategorized

While business owners understand that having a website is important for sharing information about their business, more often than not the primary goal or purpose for their website is for lead generation. As every business is looking to grow and wants new customers in order to further that growth.

While for about just about every industry competition online is fierce, so here we share some tips on what can be done to improve your website and strengthen its lead generation. For effectively lead generation, you need to look to increase the overall volume of traffic, and look to convert a higher percentage of that traffic into qualified leads. 

Tip 1: Think of your website as a Resource 

The majority of online searches often start with a question, as searchers are looking for answers to start their journey. So don't limit your website to just providing information on your business, services or products you sell, and so forth, use your deep industry knowledge to generate content that helps searches find answers. Content that answers questions is looked at as more resourceful by Google, and can lead Google to believe that your website is a better resource for what people are looking for, and hopefully will in turn show you higher in search results. Resourceful content attracts motivated searchers who data shows will spend more time on your site to digest that content, which is a very good SEO factor. With this effort you can tap into the much higher volume of traffic around ‘who what when where why’ topics.

Examples of resourceful content can be FAQs, blog posts answering specific questions and videos which do the same. However you present this content, content that answers questions and provides what searchers are looking for, often will get rewarded by Google and will be shown higher in search results and deliver a higher volume of search traffic.

Tip 2: Interactive Content

Whether online or offline, you want to create and deliver content that catches the eye and engages your audiences. While text on a website is important and informational, you don't want visitors to have to work to read and digest a large volume of content to find their answer. Think about creating content that can deliver your messages in a more interactive way, so that it catches the eye and makes people want to watch or digest the entirety of your content .

So to compliment your text content, think about creating interactive images or videos. Visitors will be more likely to stay on your website and to engage with your content when there are interactive elements. One example that has worked for our clients, is we take before and after images, and rather than putting them side-by-side, we create a before-and-after slider so visitors can move and see the before and after images themselves. This is more interactive and visitors have shown to enjoy and engage more with this type of content rather than purely static images.  

Tip 3: Share ‘Real’ Content

We've all seen certain stock images used online on multiple platforms and websites, so when you use stock images, that doesn’t provide as unique an experience when compared to your competitors. When presenting your business online, show content that is ‘real’ rather than generic when possible. Often potential customers want to feel comfortable with your business or with you personally, so showing real pictures of you, your employees, your customers or your projects, will show the real deal and visitors will relate better to that.

Your website should look to connect with potential customers, so they are more likely to convert to a lead. Some of our clients share personal photos or details on their bio page, for other clients we’ve taken videos & pictures of them with their customers and patients. When we've tested online engagement when using real content, we found significant improvements in the amount of time that visitors spend on a website, and also improvement in the percentage that convert into leads.

So while there is no silver bullet to generate more leads online, these chips should help you to identify areas to improve your website, gain more traffic and ultimately get more leads in your inbox. If you’d like to have a conversation about your website, feel free to contact our team for a no-obligation consultation at GazzConsulting.com.