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Oct 21, 2020  -  Game On Coaching Corp.  -  Uncategorized

Today's #leadership quote

“Great leaders create more leaders, not followers.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Most people who occupy a leadership position believe that their number one priority is to motivate people to accomplish the tasks that the leader has set before them. Certainly inspiring a team to accomplish great feats is one responsibility of a leader. The differentiation between great leaders and people who occupy that position is rooted in how the leader goes about accomplishing that objective. A mediocre leader does so by telling and controlling. A better leader does so by teaching and training. The best leaders do so by serving and empowering. if the leader focuses on creating more leaders rather than dutiful followers , the ability of the team to overcome challenges is magnified. A leader has a limited amount of bandwidth to oversee and control the activities of their tribe. By using that bandwidth to empower and develop other leaders, that bandwidth can be multiplied many times over and the team can become high performing. It is then that great accomplishments can occur. It is often said that the test of a leader is what happens when the leader is gone. Followers will not be able to overcome the loss. Leaders will continue to move forward and accomplish great things

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