Daily Leadership Quote

Jan 12, 2021  -  Game On Coaching Corp.  -  Uncategorized

Today's #leadership quote

"Leadership is your willingness to help someone else for their benefit." Nick Saban

Yesterday Nick Saban coached the Alabama Crimson Tide to what was their 6th National Championship during his tenure of 13 years and his 7th overall championship. He obviously knows a great deal about leadership and team building as his teams are consistently in the top of the rankings. I like this quote for 2 reasons. The first is that it points out that leadership isn't about you but rather the people that are entrusted to your care. It is never about you. Leadership is about helping people to see what they can become and helping them to achieve that which they might not be able to on their own. It is about helping them to become the best version of themselves by discovering and capitalizing on the greatness that resides in each of us. The 2nd reason that I liked this quote was because it points out that being a leader does not have to be about position or authority. All of us can lead simply by working to the betterment of others. You don't have to be great at command and control nor a charismatic figure. Mother Teresa was neither but she certainly provided leadership and inspired many to emulate her dedication to service. Become a leader and serve.

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