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Guild Mortgage

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When the best in the field work together with the best tools, people and culture in the business, there is no limit to what can be achieved! Let’s talk about how my team and I can offer you the pricing, programs and service you’ve been looking for in a mortgage lending partner. Scott Shelton, Area Manager [email protected] 703-880-1840 #Academymortgage #mortgage #homeloans

Building lifetime connections since 1960

Since our founding as a single office in 1960, we’ve been delivering the promise of home in every neighborhood and community we serve.

We’re committed to bringing our customers home, building trust with our partners and creating foundations for our employees to thrive. We have borrowers whose children and family have become customers. Some of our employees have been with Guild for more than 40 years. Our focus on creating customers for life will ensure we’ll be here to continue building lifetime connections for many years to come.

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Scott Shelton Area Manager 703-880-1841

NMLS# 408137
Corp NMLS#3113
LO State Lic#: MLO408137; LO55525; 408137; 408137; I-217570; MLO-21598VA;
Corp State Lic#: DC: MLB3113; FL: MLD241; GA: 20505 - Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee; MD: 12423; NC: L-143680; VA:
MC-5196 - (; WV: ML-31804

I wake up every day knowing that what I do has an impact on my family, my work and in my community. Whether it’s helping a customer achieve the dream of home ownership, leading my team to the top or mentoring my own children, I believe we all need a solid partner. We need people who will support, motivate, and partner with us to help us reach and exceed our goals and visions of what is possible.

With 25+ years in the mortgage business, I’ve been blessed to experience all facets of this industry. I know the challenges that come with being a good spouse, a good parent, a good loan officer as well as good manager, all while continuing to grow this business. I understand the importance of having the tools, resources, people and the culture necessary to be the best you can be.

That is one of the reasons that I chose Academy Mortgage Corporation. The company’s core values, resources and business model fit my vision for my teams while offering the support and tools I need to foster the Mid-Atlantic Region dream team.

Academy offers a dynamic suite of top quality, common sense mortgage solutions including - Conventional, Government, Non-Agency, Jumbo, Construction, Investment, Down Payment Assistance Grants and more.

Our operations staff truly cares about every loan. Our loan production technologies provide amazing efficiency that allow our producers to participate in real business growth activities. I am partnered closely with our teams to make every effort to ensure our goals and plans are met and exceeded across the board.

When the best in the field work together with the best tools, people and culture in the business, there is no limit to what can be achieved! Are you ready to make your last jump? Let’s talk about how the Mid-Atlantic Region of Academy Mortgage Corporation could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

I encourage you to reach out to me [email protected]. The next few years look to hold incredible opportunities. Are you ready to come home?

Heather Kyle Loan Officer 703-880-1851

I guess you could say I grew up in the mortgage world. I’ve worked for both wholesale and retail lenders in both sales and operations in my 30 + year career. Even when I wasn’t directly working for a lender, I was still working with people inside the mortgage industry on a freelance basis. There’s a certain excitement and satisfaction in knowing that what you do for a living actually helps people realize their dreams.
I love the fast pace of growing a region. And Academy is taking the industry by storm. When it comes to great products, excellent rates and top-notch service, Academy can’t be beat.

Heather Kyle LO NMLS# 2370850

Regional Director of Field Marketing 

Academy Mortgage Corporation
Equal Housing Lender
Corp NMLS# 3113