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Quad M Tech is not just your IT provider, we're your partner. We seek to educate and protect your business to ensure security, achieve maximum productivity, and prepare you for the CMMC assessment. We are dedicated to providing you the right IT solutions and total satisfaction.

We are industry veterans who live and breath IT. We've developed IT knowledge, experience and expertise so your business can run on all cylinders. The tech world changes quickly and staying on top of it is a grind. Most businesses immediately realize that in order to do their best work, they need critical IT that works...flawlessly.

This is where we shine- in implementing excellent IT solutions that makes your business look good. Partnering with Quad M Tech is a way to stay ahead of the IT curve. We have the expertise and tools to keep your systems running in prime condition, allowing you to save time and money, streamline business operations, and eliminate your IT headaches.

A partnership with Quad M Tech puts you in the driver's seat. It uncovers the unknowns, plugs the gaps, and takes care of your needs now and into the future. No more guessing if you're protected, compliant, or functioning.

With Quad M Tech, you'll know you're covered.


Want to partner with us?

Here's how we work hard to help solve your biggest IT headaches.

01 - IT Assessment

Identify the Symptoms

We take the time to do a thorough examination of your IT infrastructure to truly understand your pain points so that we can alleviate them once and for all. Our job is to listen to you so that we can cure your IT headaches and help you leverage IT to achieve your business goals.

02 - Design a Plan

Develop a Treatment

We'll create an IT plan that will address the root causes of your current IT headaches while planning ahead to address any concerns about the future.

03 - Implement & Look to the Future

Cure the Headache for Good

Once we've administered your personalized cocktail of IT services, we make sure they stay operational, secure, and compliant. We're your IT partner now and into the future so that we can prevent problems before they start.

Name Title Phone Bio
Amy Jones President / Owner

Amy Jones serves as President of Quad M Tech.

Amy is a native of Northern Virginia and has worked and consulted in the Information Technology and Infrastructure industry for over 20 years in the Washington, DC area.  She has a passion for all things electronic and is a strong proponent for women in information technology leadership roles.

Kevin Mann CEO/Owner

Kevin Mann is Chief Executive Officer and originating Partner of Quad M Tech, he is responsible for the technical innovation/operation, client technical alignment, day-to-day leadership, and general management of the company.

Kevin has been involved in the Information technology field for over 25 years working in a variety of roles, from helpdesk operator to business owner and everything in between, all of which has helped establish his extensive knowledge and understanding of the IT needs for both Small Business and Enterprise environments.

Kevin currently participates in various executive leadership programs in the Northern Virginia, DC Metro area (NVTC, ASAE, ASCII, IoTSSA). He currently lives in Manassas, VA with his wife and three children. He is actively engaged in and committed to helping drive the local area business community. When not working he enjoys watching and rooting for his favorite MLB, NFL and college Football teams – NY Yankees, Miami Dolphins and Alabama Crimson Tide, watching TV/Movies, spending time with family, and quiet time.

Prior to forming Quad M Tech, Kevin worked for several companies, notably AOL and Electronic Warfare Associates, founded and served as President of Computer Troubleshooters, a technology franchise company, and has served as Executive Vice President of Sequentur, another technology company.

William Price COO/Owner 571-408-8810

William Price is Chief Operating Officer and Founding Partner of Quad M Tech and is responsible for the day-to-day leadership and general management of the company. In this role, William has helped establish Quad M Tech as a global, award-winning Solutions Provider. Under his management, Quad M Tech has consistently achieved year-over-year revenue, profitability, client and associate growth.

William has been involved with Information technology for over 20 years and has worked in a variety of roles which has helped establish his extensive knowledge and understanding of IT.

William currently participates in various executive leadership programs in the Mid-Atlantic area. He currently lives in Nokesville, VA with his wife and two children. He is actively engaged in and committed to helping drive the local area business community.

Prior to joining Quad M Tech, William founded and served as CEO of CSONV Computer Services of Northern Virginia, a technology company. Before that, he served as Executive Vice President of Sequentur another technology company, and Senior Director of Information and Technology for one of the largest retail associations in the world.

Karroll Barrett Client Success Representative 571-408-8810
Jesse Leasure Outside Sales Representative 571-408-8810

Jesse is responsible for informing, as well as, showcasing to our clients about the high value products and services we provide at Quad M Tech. He has displayed excellent customer service over the past 2 years, resulting in phenominal relastionships with clients over that time.

Jesse attended Radford University and has sense earned his Bachlors degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. He is a highly motivated and competitive individual who will make sure to provide the best care and attention to all of those he is working with. Thus, providing a great experience for all parties involved.