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HopSkipDrive offers safe and reliable transportation solutions for schools & families. #hopskipdrive

HopSkipDrive is the safe, dependable transportation solution schools and families can count on to get kids where they need to go. As the first rideshare platform for kids, and with millions of miles traveled, HopSkipDrive has a proven track record you can count on. HopSkipDrive uses purpose-built, cutting-edge technology to make managing complicated logistics easier and worry-free. We put safety first, from industry-leading driver vetting to our dedicated Safe Ride Support team watching over every ride. #hopskipdrive

In this together: Why districts need non-routine transportation partners in a post-COVID world - Jul 10, 2020

The primary challenge facing school districts, and leaders of all organizations, in the context of the dual crises of COVID-19 and the economic fallout will be how to best balance the need for services with the almost ever-changing resource picture. For school districts and those involved in school transportation this will manifest itself most clearly in the significant-to-catastrophic budget cuts

Best practices: Transporting students with special needs during COVID-19 - Sep 04, 2020

While the ‘new normal’ of social distancing, masks, hand sanitizer, temperature checks and more, is challenging for any student, youth with special needs may have a harder time with the change. 

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